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Working in Financial Market is like reading an interesting story, i.e. more you read it more you want to read it. Thus keeping in view of your interest we are not only providing services to you, but also ensuring that you could quench your thirst of knowing more about market.

Since our incorporation in 2009, we have grown 50% because of our disciplined performance and projection about market even in
very volatile conditions. Because of our efforts we not only made our presence felt but narrowed the choices of traders in terms of hiring services.
  • Our team do market research on continuous basis and critically examine each and every market information and with best of their skills make analysis and give us fruitful information.
  • A team of experienced Analyst is being consistently giving better & better recommendations on shares & Commodities.
  • We provide our services through SMS & YAHOO MESSENGER, according to your convenience.
  • We predict daily trends as well as the trends for next 3-7 days. We will also guide you when to buy/sell & will help you in maximizing your profits.

Our Motto

Our goal is to provide you more and more opportunities to earn best by our tips. We provide you services on Intraday, Commodity and Nifty.

We are here to help you to grow your financial position by Short-Term investing or Trading in Shining Indian Stock Market with minimum risk. Our flexible packages is suitable to everybody, so you can choose our packages as per your requirement.

Why Join Us

  • No1 advise In MrMCX Commodity high qualified Skilled analyst.
  • Our Accurate calls helps you to trade better to make better Profits.
  • Complete Followup on all our recommendation through Sms & Phone.
  • Minimum Trading with Maximum Profits.
  • All Calls are Provided through fast High Priority sms from two servers.
  • Get Above 90% in all the commodity package includes.
  • Get full report on live rates, live charts, inventory data, historical charts.

Some Suggestions For Trading

  • Always keep your profit margin not more than 35% - 40%.
  • Check out the rates consistently and sell it as it reaches the target rate.
  • Don’t rush to take profits as long as market is acting right.
  • Don’t make averages by buying shares when price decrease than your last purchase.
  • Don’t watch or trade too many stocks at a time.

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